The VinFast VF8, a promising entry into the electric SUV market, has been delivered to customers despite being nowhere near ready for public consumption. While the Thai automaker seems to have the right idea with a spacious, feature-loaded, and competitively-ranged vehicle, the VF8 is plagued by a myriad of issues that undermine its potential. This review delves into the VF8's shortcomings, highlighting the unreliable functionality of basic systems, suboptimal performance of working features, and the glimmer of hope in the car's core strengths.


Unreliable Basic Functions:

The VF8 fails to deliver on the most fundamental aspects of a vehicle. From malfunctioning turn signals and climate control systems to nonfunctional navigation and blind-spot monitoring, the VF8 falls short of providing a reliable driving experience. These issues, present even in low-mileage vehicles, raise concerns about the car's overall quality and readiness for the market.