In a strategic move to propel Thailand's automotive industry into the future, the Ministry of Industry has laid the foundation for the Automotive and Tyre Testing, Research and Innovation Center (ATTRIC).

The center, set to be the ASEAN automotive hub, boasts cutting-edge test tracks and laboratories dedicated to various automotive components. The overarching goal is to elevate the industry's standards while instilling consumer confidence.

Prioritizing Passive Safety: A Pioneering Approach

At the core of ATTRIC's mission is a steadfast commitment to passive safety, recognizing it as the linchpin for advancing the Thai automotive sector. The center is already equipped to conduct tests on safety essentials such as belts, seats, anchorages, head restraints, and brake systems.

This emphasis on passive safety aligns with international regulations, positioning Thailand as a key player in automotive safety.

Autoliv (Thailand) Ltd.: A Global Player in Safety Solutions

Autoliv (Thailand) Ltd., a global leader in producing seat belts, airbags, and automotive safety products, plays a pivotal role in this transformative journey. With over 70 years of expertise from its parent company in Sweden and a robust 28-year presence in Thailand, Autoliv is uniquely positioned to contribute significantly.

They focus on leveraging their knowledge to reduce fatalities and injuries stemming from road accidents in Thailand.

Addressing the Alarming Road Accident Statistics

The collaboration between the Thailand Automotive Institute, led by President Dr. Kriengsak Wongpromrat, and Autoliv (Thailand) Ltd., spearheaded by ASEAN CFO and Country Manager Mrs. Manee Bagguley, is a direct response to the alarming road accident statistics in Thailand.

According to the 2022 road accident report, the toll is staggering, with 16,957 lives lost and 197,733 severe injuries. The economic losses, exceeding 500 billion baht over the past five years, underscore the urgency of implementing robust safety measures.

Collaborative Synergy

The collaboration between the Thailand Automotive Institute and Autoliv (Thailand) Ltd. is a synergy aimed at driving progress in testing capability, engineering development, research and development, and laboratory infrastructure.

The focus areas encompass crucial components like seat belts, airbag modules, front impact, and side impact. This collaboration not only positions Thailand's testing quality to meet European standards but also aligns with the regulations set by the Department of Land Transport and the Thai Industrial Standards Institute.

The result is a comprehensive automotive testing center that not only elevates the nation's automotive industry but also sets new benchmarks for safety and innovation.

In summary, this collaborative effort signifies a paradigm shift in Thailand's automotive landscape, paving the way for a future where safety, innovation, and compliance converge to create a robust and globally competitive industry.