Adient, listed on NYSE as ADNT, stands at the forefront of automotive seating, boasting a global presence with over 70,000 employees across 30 countries. With a network encompassing 200+ manufacturing plants, Adient is a pivotal player in delivering cutting-edge automotive seating solutions to major OEMs worldwide.

Structures and Mechanisms: A Unified Approach

Adient takes pride in offering automakers a comprehensive solution for their metal and mechanism needs. Through modular designs and profound expertise in metals and materials, Adient's structures and mechanisms stand out for their simplicity and strength.

The core product portfolio not only reduces complexity but also ensures high quality while maintaining a lightweight design. Engineering excellence, rooted in industry expertise, is the hallmark of Adient's commitment to providing top-tier solutions.

Foam Innovation: Comfort, Safety, and Sustainability

At the forefront of technology and innovation, Adient leads in formulating polyurethane foam and manufacturing foam-based products. The custom foam formulations go beyond enhancing comfort—they contribute to superior safety and environmental sustainability.

Adient's commitment aligns consumer desires for enhanced comfort with a focus on creating products that contribute to a thriving future.

Trim Technology

Adient's market-leading cut-and-sew technologies redefine the aesthetics and comfort that attract vehicle buyers. The advanced sewing, cutting, and welding processes result in refined seat covers that feel complete.

Timely delivery of final touches, coupled with customization that leaves a lasting impression, showcases Adient's efficiency through innovation. The focus on enhancing appearance and comfort underscores Adient's commitment to providing a superior driving experience.

Adient's Contribution Across Vehicle Types

Adient's full range of seating systems and components extends across passenger cars, commercial vehicles, and light trucks, including vans, pick-up trucks, and sport and crossover utility vehicles.

This comprehensive approach ensures that Adient's impact is felt across diverse automotive segments, contributing to the comfort and safety of millions of vehicles annually.

In summary, Adient emerges as a powerhouse in automotive seating, driving innovation, sustainability, and excellence across the globe.