Toyota Hilux Toyota Pickup is one of the best-selling pickup trucks in Thailand and throughout Africa. Toyota Hilux is the most popular pickup truck in the world due to its indestructibility, excellent looks and luxurious feel. The same reasons make Hilux, especially Toyota Hilux Revo Thailand and Toyota Hilux Vigo Thailand, popular in Asia.
There are restrictions on used cars in Thailand.

Used vehicles older than eight years are not allowed in the country. An inspection is required on every vehicle before use.

The documents required to import into Thailand are:

 - Certificate of title and registration.

 - Commercial purchase invoice

 - Certificate of inspection 

 - Bill of lading or certificate of origin

 - Certificate of Insurance

Import duty in Thailand

The rate of duty varies from 9 to 27% depending on the utility of the item. However, duty-free import of used vehicles is allowed for vehicles imported on a temporary basis. VAT is also levied on vehicles imported into the country.
Import regulations in Thailand

Only left-hand drive vehicles are allowed.

With the ever-expanding network of paved roads, Mercedes and BMW are gradually replacing the standard four-wheel drive vehicle, such as the Toyota Hilux, as the preferred method of travel both within and between cities.

But four-wheel-drive vehicles are still desirable for those who like to go off-road to see natural and historical sites of interest in the hinterland, the beach or the dunes.

Toyota, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Land Rover, Isuzu and Suzuki four-wheel-drive vehicles are popular and have decent resale value. Peugeot, Renault, Fiat and Honda are popular in Nouakchott and parts for these cars are more widely available. Spare parts for American cars are harder to find.

Air conditioning is not only recommended for the 5 hot months, but because blowing sand often requires keeping windows closed. If possible, avoid additional items such as power windows and door locks, as they may break due to Nouakchott's dust and sand. The catalytic converter and fuel nozzle limiter must be removed before shipping a vehicle from the United States.

Customers in Thailand import and export the Hilux and a full range of left-hand drive vehicles.

The Toyota Hilux is also better suited to the climate. It is therefore no wonder that there are so many Hilux fans and owners in Thailand. Every year, many Hiluxs are imported all over Asia and Africa.

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